Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gwen Stacy

Was I the only kid reading Spider-Man who liked Gwen Stacy? Conan #1 may have signaled the beginning of the Bronze Age for Marvel, but Spider-man #121, two years later, changed comics forever. I really don't think Marvel ever got over Gwen's death (JR SR confided to me that it was his idea). It certainly continues to haunt the Spider-man mythos to this day. I came across these pencils by Adam Hughes, and having some time on my hands, decided to digitally ink and color them for a little practice. I still favor flat color to the computer modeling that dominates comics today, admittedly because that's what I grew up with. I did a rough the other day and colored outside the lines. I was suddenly transported back to the day when comic book colors weren't always properly registered with the line work. I loved it! Anyways, here's Gwen. Pencils by AH!, digital inks and colors by me. The BG photo was found on the internet and is the copyright of the photographer.

Here's my own rendition of gorgeous Gwen as I remember her before she got the more familiar bangs. My drawing also reflects the later good girl image Gwen developed in contrast, I imagine, to Mary Jane. Fans forget that in the early days Gwen gave MJ a real run for her money. Check out this panel from Spidey #47. The art is, of course copyright Marvel Entertainment Group.

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